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Just for You!

There is such heart, soul and love put forth in every crafting creation made here.  We welcome everyone who loves to craft and create - that means beginners to professionals.  Here at RoseCreek Studios, we offer you the opportunity to craft with us, join our team(s), engage in our Zoom workshops, and host workshops!  You are our inspiration!

About Me

First of all, I would like to both welcome and thank you for visiting RoseCreek Studios!


The arts (theatrical, crafting and creating) are all at the very center of my being.  It was at the age of 7 that I first steeped on the professional stage as a musical theatre performer, and oddly enough found my heart for crafting.  How do you ask?  Well, theatre people love to create and it is such a wonderful way to offer your heart to your fellow cast/crew when giving opening night gifts.


So it is... crafting and creating is my life.  Something that truly excites me about YOU - and offering you the opportunity to put your enjoyment and excitement of all things artistic into creative venues.

I have lived in Denver, Los Angeles, NYC - as well as thriving communities throughout Southern Oregon and Tennessee!  I've also had the wonderful privilege of touring Europe as a performer. Loved the Alps - and someday would love to go back!  --- Anyhow,  I now reside in Austin, Colorado... that's right Austin, COLORADO - not TX! --- Where is Austin, CO you ask?  Just between Grand Junction and Telluride!!


Next Steps...

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to host a crafting party (online or in-person), and be sure to join our FaceBook communities.  (RoseCreek Studios and RoseCreek Creates)!